2018-2019 Sprout Awards

Congratulations to our Sprout Award winners!

Scene Stealer: Andrew Cole (Cogsworth-Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Newcomer Actress: Renee Clawson (Multiple Roles-Almost, Maine)

Outstanding Newcomer Actor: Sid Greene (Beast-Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Character Actress: Andrea McDonough (Caprice-Doublewide, Texas)

Outstanding Character Actor: Sean Crothers (Lumiere-Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Melissa Strickland (Mrs. Potts-Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Aidan Beane (Lefou-Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Lead Actress: Emily Gant (Belle-Beauty and the Beast)

Ourstanding Lead Actor: (Sid Greene-Beast, Beauty and the Beast)

Outsanding Director/Team: Amy Beane, Andrea McDonough, Haley Walton (Beauty and the Beast)

Mel Grant Volunteer of the Year: Shane Lee Miller

If you were unable to attend, you may pick up your trophy at Andrea McDonough State Farm




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